80% LVR

Loans under 80% loan to value ratio will not require lenders mortgage insurance. If lenders mortgage insurance needs to be taken out it can be capitalised as part of the loan or paid upfront. It is approximately 2% of the loan value. THe cost, when added to your repayment is about $50 per month for an average loann

Low Doc Rates

Interest rates start from 3.85% for home loans to 4.5% for investment loan rates. Each low doc loan is different and is evaluated on a case by case basis. Call 1300 LOAN 247. We are open 24/7.

ABN Requirement

A low doc loan requirement is that you must have had an ABN for at least a year, usually for 2 years, depending on your circumstances.

Home, Investment loans, Equity Credit

Low doc loans can be used to purchasse a home, investment property or as a line of credit against property

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Max Loan

The maxmum loan amount for a lo doc loan is $2.5m

Interest Only

Repayment of Loans can be on either an interest only basis or principal and interest. Redraw facilities are available.

Loan Term

The term of a low doc loan is the same as a standard home loan with options up to 30 year terms

Minimal Documentation

The purpose of a low doc loan is to allow self employed people the opportunity to secure a loan with minimum documentation. The borrower’s accountant needs to verify the applicant’s income.

Offset accounts

Just as a home loan can have an offset account so can a low doc loan. If an offset account is not available with a lender a redraw facility will be

24/7 Customer Support

We are open till midnight every day and offer phone support any time of the day 7 days a week. Our brokers will meet with you or you can come to our office

Home Loan Rates

Interest rates for low doc loans are similar or slightly higher than home loan and investment loan rates.

Specialist Advice

Low Doc Loans Co has a specialist team of brokers who specialise in low doc lending and are able to negotiate on your behalf against the banks.

Loan Assessment

Assessment of a low doc loan is on a different criteria than a full doc loan. The banks understand that businesses may not have completed all their tax returns and financial statements to verify their income.